adidas Oceaunz Final Pro
Metallic Gold/Dark Blue/Clear Aqua


adidas Oceaunz Final Pro

Get excited for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup final with the adidas WWC Oceaunz Pro in Metallic Gold/Dark Blue/Clear Aqua, a professional-level football that allows you to play like the pros.
FIFA Quality Pro certification assures that the ball has perfect circumference, weight, rebound and water resistance, so you can strike the ball with confidence every time you attempt a pass or take a shot. Used as the official match ball for the final, semi-finals and third-place playoff at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the Oceaunz is a celebration of the natural beauty of Oceania. Flowing streams of black and gold run across the colourful base, paying tribute to the striking coastlines and pristine lakes of Australia and New Zealand, and yellow accents conjure images of the golden sand of the countries’ famous beaches. Additional graphics evoke traditional aborigine artwork, drawing inspiration from Australia’s rich history and culture. Uniquely shaped Speedshell panelling combines with diamond debossing and high-performance texturing to take swerve and accuracy to the next level, perfect for long shots. The shell was created using thermal bonding, which improves shape retention and durability. An integrated structure helps to increase roundness and reduce air resistance, so the ball travels faster through the air, and the seamless design reduces water uptake, ensuring peak performance come rain or snow.


• Official adidas Oceaunz Pro 2023 Women’s World Cup Final match ball
• Used for the final, semi-finals and third-place playoff of the FIFA Women’s World Cup
• FIFA Quality Pro certified
• FIFA Women’s World Cup logo
• High-grade butyl bladder
• Thermally bonded seamless construction
• Requires inflation
• 70% Polyurethane/20% recycled polyester/10% viscose cover