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New Balance 442 V2 Pro FG - Black/Silver

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New Balance 442 V2 Pro FG - Black/Silver

Lead by example on the pitch wearing New Balance 442 V2 Pro FG football boots in Black/Silver, a premium K-leather boot updated with a new stitching pattern and elite-level nylon soleplate.
Quality players know quality boots, and that’s exactly what the 442 is. Crafted using the finest K-leather, it’s built for comfort and touch. There’s no messing about here. The boot’s flawlessly simple design allows you to control the ball with ease and play the kind of football you like to play, whether that’s dictating the play from deep or lashing in 30-yarders. The V2’s redesigned stitching pattern, streamlined tongue, and internal pod cushioning make it a pleasure to wear, while the new Elite Pro soleplate offers superior traction to keep you ahead of the game.

New Balance

American giants New Balance have been a big player in cleats since the 80s, when Manchester United and England’s Captain Marvel, Bryan Robson, helped them create one of the most comfortable cleats ever.

That landmark design lives on today in the form of the classically styled 442, while their modern options include the speedy Furon and the agility-based Tekela.

They’re also experts when it comes to indoor football, being the brains behind the ever-popular Audazo, which is worn by many of the world’s top futsal pros.

Cleat Class - Pro

Made with premium materials and featuring some of the best tech on the market, Pro football cleats offer professional-level performance at a more affordable price. The obvious choice for serious players who let their feet do the talking.


• Premium K-leather vamp
• New stitching pattern for improved touch
• Streamlined tongue for comfort
• Elite Pro nylon soleplate
• Internal “Pod Cushion” technology

Ground Type Guide

Selecting the correct sole plate for the surface you are playing on is crucial, not only for the performance and longevity of your cleats, but also to avoid the risk of injury.

Using an outsole that isn't designed specifically for the surface on which you are playing may cause premature wear and/or damage that will not be deemed as a fault of manufacture and will prevent the retailer accepting them for a refund or exchange.

Firm Ground

Cleats with Firm Ground soleplates are only to be used on natural short-grass surfaces that is firm underfoot but may be slightly wet. 

Designed specifically for this playing surface, they offer acceleration, comfort and enhanced traction, dispersing stud pressure evenly across the foot.

FG soleplates are fixed (not removable) and are used worldwide; wetter countries tend to use them spring to autumn.

FG cleats are not to be used on artificial ground (AG) surfaces as the construction is not designed for the extra friction.

FG cleats used on AG surfaces will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.