Nike Mercurial Hardshell Guard - Black/White/White

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Nike Mercurial Hardshell Guard - Black/White/White

Ride the hardest tackles wearing Nike Mercurial Hardshell Shinguard in Black/White/White, a harder version of the Mercurial pad designed for maximum protection and durability.
Even with its hardwearing construction, the Mercurial Hardshell remains lightweight and low-profile, encouraging the kind of fast, free-flowing soccer that Mercurial players are known for. On the back, soft EVA cushioning absorbs impact forces, so you’ll barely notice defenders’ attempts to disrupt your attacking play.


• Low-profile design helps shield legs from abrasion
• Durable hardshell is stitched to dense foam for impact absorption
• Left/right-specific fit
• Guard: 70% polypropylene, 30% EVA. Strap: 68% polyester, 21% rubber, 11% nylon
• Hand wash