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Nike Phantom GX Elite FG
Baltic Blue/Pink Blast/White/Laser Blue

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Nike Phantom GX Elite FG

Play with ultimate precision wearing Nike Phantom GX Elite FG soccer cleats in Baltic Blue/Pink Blast/White/Laser Blue, featuring revolutionary Gripknit technology for an intuitive touch.
Wrapped around the front of the cleat, sticky Gripknit yarns enhance your close control when dribbling, providing just the right amount of grip for skillful manipulation of the ball while maintaining a natural feel. Gripknit also benefits striking, with the wrap extending over the first two laces to create a larger contact area – ideal for producing those outrageous arced passes KDB loves to serve up. It’s weather resistant too, performing equally well in dry and wet conditions without the need for any extra coating. At the rear, comfortable Flyknit provides a snug fit around the ankle, utilizing offset seams and an overall asymmetric design to reduce risk of irritation. Traction-wise, the Phantom GX unlocks agility with a mix of cleat types. Tristar cleats at the front and back enable quick side-to-side movement, circular cleats allow you to turn in tight areas, then chevrons at the toe help you accelerate away. Finally, there’s the soleplate’s bold Agility Line, which provides rigidity through the midfoot to keep you stable, before transitioning into flex grooves at the forefoot for fast changes of direction.


Nike’s mission is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. For decades, their cleats have done exactly that, being seen on the feet of amateur and professional players alike, all around the globe.

Starting with “The Nike” back in 1970, the Swoosh’s designs have always led the way when it comes to combining style and performance.

Their modern range includes the ever-popular Mercurial for speed, as worn by the legend that is Cristiano Ronaldo, along with the touch-focused Phantom GT. Or, if you prefer a classic cleat, the more traditional Tiempo and Premier are your go-to options.

Nike offer cleats for all types of surface and levels of play, including their exclusive Anti-Clog editions with soleplates designed specifically for wet, muddy pitches.

Cleat Class - Elite

The best of the best. Elite football cleats are the cleats professional players wear on-pitch, made using the highest quality materials and featuring the latest technologies and innovations. The premium option for players who demand the best possible performance from their cleats.


• Endorsed by Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, and Alexia Putellas
• Gripknit technology enhances ball control in all weather conditions
• Gripknit and High Tenacity yarns combine to provide a lightweight, pliable fit and feel
• Asymmetric Flyknit collar with offset seams offers comfortable support while minimizing risk of irritation
• Agility Line soleplate with flex grooves provides stability in the midfoot and allows forefoot flexion
• Aggressive traction features mix of cleat types to unlock every kind of movement
• Firm ground soccer cleats

Ground Type Guide

Selecting the correct sole plate for the surface you are playing on is crucial, not only for the performance and longevity of your cleats, but also to avoid the risk of injury.

Using an outsole that isn't designed specifically for the surface on which you are playing may cause premature wear and/or damage that will not be deemed as a fault of manufacture and will prevent the retailer accepting them for a refund or exchange.

Firm Ground

Cleats with Firm Ground soleplates are only to be used on natural short-grass surfaces that is firm underfoot but may be slightly wet. 

Designed specifically for this playing surface, they offer acceleration, comfort and enhanced traction, dispersing stud pressure evenly across the foot.

FG soleplates are fixed (not removable) and are used worldwide; wetter countries tend to use them spring to autumn.

FG cleats are not to be used on artificial ground (AG) surfaces as the construction is not designed for the extra friction.

FG cleats used on AG surfaces will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.