Nike Premier League Flight
White/Total Orange/Black

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Nike Premier League Flight

Show off your technical skills with the Nike Premier League Flight ball in White/Total Orange/Black, which maintains a 30% truer flight for precision passing and shooting.
Engineered for consistent, reliable flight, the Nike Premier League Flight ball reduces unpredictable movements so you can put the ball exactly where you want, whether that’s a pinpoint pass to your teammate’s feet, or a lasered strike into the top corner. The revolutionary aerodynamic design features new Aerowsculpt technology – molded grooves that create a truer, more stable flight by disrupting airflow over the ball and reducing drag. 3D-printed ink varies the texture on the surface of the ball, assisting the grooves to stabilize flight, while also improving contact with your cleats for better control. All Conditions Control technology makes sure your touch remains pristine whatever the weather. Construction-wise, the ball’s comprised of just four fused panels, creating a huge sweetspot for power strikes and freekicks.


• As used in the 23/24 Premier League
• Revolutionary design developed over 8 years and 1,700 hours of testing
• Nike Aerowsculpt molded grooves produce 30% truer flight compared to the 19/20 Merlin
• 3D-printed ink fine tunes ball flight and enhances cleat contact
• All Conditions Control (ACC) adds a grippy texture for consistent touch in wet and dry weather
• 4 fused panels create a larger sweetspot
• 37% synthetic leather, 33% rubber, 20% polyester, 10% cotton