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Reusch Attrakt Duo - Safety Yellow/Deep Blue/Deep Blue
Safety Yellow/Deep Blue/Deep Blue

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Reusch Attrakt Duo - Safety Yellow/Deep Blue/Deep Blue

Make elite-level saves with Reusch Attrakt Duo goalkeeper gloves in Safety Yellow/Deep Blue/Deep Blue, designed to keep your fingers safe and help you stay free of injury.
Featuring new and improved Duo technology, the Reusch Attrakt Duo provides ultimate grip and control thanks to additional latex on the inside of the palm. The three-dimensional latex dots provide a direct connection to the hand, increasing tactility and feel of the ball while also preventing slippage within the glove. Where previous generations of Duo featured an entire layer of latex on the inner side of the palm, the latest version instead has a pattern of spaced-out dots, improving flexibility and comfort during play. The latex itself is based on Reusch-Grip Gold, offering a combination of grip and durability, and the glove’s Expanse Cut 2.0 – negative on the backhand, regular on the palm – is specifically designed to minimize the effect of Duo while offering a snug fit. On the backhand, lightweight latex provides additional stability in the punching zone while retaining a streamlined feel.

Palm - Duo

3D latex dots on the inner side of this high-grip palm foam prevent from any slipping of the hand and improve the tactility for maximized ball control.


Cut: Expanse Cut 2.0 Latex: Reusch-Grip Duo Wrist Closure: Slip-On Cuff with Pull Loop, neoprene full strap with rubber ender Backhand: Latex 3D Thumb Crotch Rolled Thumb