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Reusch Pure Contact SpeedBump
Shocking Orange/Blue

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Reusch Pure Contact SpeedBump

React faster wearing Reusch Pure Contact SpeedBump goalkeeper gloves in Shocking Orange/Blue, featuring a lightweight, flexible design for maximum agility.
Boasting Reusch’s snug-fitting FreeFlex neoprene backhand, the Reusch Pure Contact SpeedBump offers a second-skin feel while allowing your hand to flex comfortably and with full control. On the palm, SpeedBump spikes provide glue-like grip. The spikes increase surface area for greater friction on ball contact, keeping the ball secure in your hands when catching while also improving durability as you push shots around the post. To minimize the effect, the latex extends all the way to the entrance of the glove, which is slightly shorter on this latest generation of the Pure Contact, giving a lighter feel and making the gloves easier to get on.

Palm - Speedbump

Three-dimensional spikes on the surface of this professional match latex increase the friction between the glove and the ball for maximum grip and control.


• Cut: Evolution Negative Cut
• Latex: Reusch-Grip SpeedBump
• Wrist Closure: Asymmetric cuff; Integrated strap with rubber ender
• Backhand: Neoprene
• FreeFlex
• Extended Grip Zone
• Ventilation channels
• 3D Thumb Crotch
• Thumb wrap