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Tuto Maximus Aptasoft - White/Black

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Tuto Maximus Aptasoft - White/Black

Embrace the warrior spirit with the TUTO Maximus Aptasoft goalkeeper gloves in White/Black, featuring 3mm Softy foam for the perfect balance between grip, feel, and durability.
Made by keepers, for keepers, TUTO gloves have all the vital details you need to perform on the field. In addition to its Softy latex palm, the TUTO Maximus Aptasoft features an embossed punchzone to help you clear the danger, mesh sections for breathability, and a streamlined 2mm latex wrist strap for a comfortable, secure fit.


Cut - The rollfinger cut uses a Biomimetic gecko palm shape which mimics a gecko’s foot and offers the largest possible contact patch on the ball. The palm material is rolled all the way round the finger to the backhand, surrounding the finger in latex. Palm - 3mm Softy foam is combined gives fantastic grip and good durability. Punchzone - Embossed silicone printed latex on both sections. Wrist strap - 2mm latex.