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Tuto Maximus Elite - White/Black

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Tuto Maximus Elite - White/Black

Reach new heights with TUTO Maximus Elite goalkeeper gloves in White/Black, featuring a hybrid cut and Invictus foam for the ultimate combination of grip, feel, and comfort.
TUTO have taken the rollfinger to the next level with the Maximus, which combines a unique latex formulation, a biomimetic design, and Micro Laser Etched Contact Sipes, providing the maximum in grip, punch zone effectiveness, comfort and support.

Palm - Invictus

TUTO Invictus Foam is our statement and proprietary latex, and it has been refined for the Secutor. The elite 4mm latex handles exceptionally in wet and dry conditions and moulds to the palm with an improved memory foam layer.


Cut - The Hybrid cut uses a Biomimetic gecko palm shape which mimics a gecko’s foot and offers the largest possible contact patch on the ball and the two middle fingers in negative cut give a tight fit and close feel on the ball. Palm - Invictus Foam. Elite 4mm All Weather foam. A new compound unique to TUTO, combines statement latex with memory foam for a responsive feel, grip and cushioning. Micro Laser Etched Contact Sipes - Utilized over the contact area of the palm to increase surface area and latex conformity. The palm spreads during contact with the ball, increasing the surface area percentage. It also offers enhanced wet weather performance, working in the same way as tyre sipes and increasing grip. 3D Concertina Molded Articulation Joint - Aids comfort and fit. Backhand - Command Zone. Graduated silicone print builds towards a rubber direct injection punch zone for additional control on the back hand. Adds support and function without restricting fit. Fit - BIO FIT. By using a combination of details TUTO have minimized any negative space in the glove to mimic natural hand motion and reduce finger slippage.